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Banking in the UAE has developed in line with the commercial growth of the Emirates. Banks have remained user friendly, whilst providing all of the quality services you would expect from any other leading commercial centre around the globe.

It is essential to consider the territories in which you wish to operate when choosing a bank, so ask RAK Offshore to advise you and help select the ideal banking partner for your Corporate and Personal needs.

We will even arrange a meeting with the Account Manager of your chosen bank so you can open your bank account in the comfort of our offices.

Local banks in the United Arab Emirates

Utilising a local bank within the UAE can expedite incorporation and is often less intrusive, whilst still maintaining an array of quality corporate services.

International banks within the UAE

International banks are ideal when conducting business in specific locations around the world.

    General facilities provided

  • Online (Internet) banking
  • Token device services
  • Straight2bank payments
  • Fax indemnity

  • Banking Services

  • Personal banking
  • Private banking
  • Priority banking
  • Business banking
  • Corporate banking